IT Support, Services and Consultancy

From PC Support to Cloud Services to Data Analysis we have got you covered

The right technology in a business empowers a business and drives efficiency but from the device in your hand to the server running your business critical applications there is a huge choice and not all technology is a good fit for your business, it needs to meet your objectives today and give you the capability to grow your business in the future.

PC and Desktop Support

Having an accessible, responsive helpdesk service is critical to keeping your business running smoothly, we can't promise you will never have any issues but we can promise to resolve issues promptly and efficiently. In addition we will work to hard to eliminate repeat issues and help you select and build the right systems to minimise the issues you have.

Network Design, Installation and Support

From networking a few PC's in an Office or networking multiple offices split across different offices or countries we have the skills and experience to build high performance networks that are secure and tailored to your business.

Cloud Services

The cloud really has come of age, we have helped businesses of all sizes to start their journey to utilising this powerful resource to minimise costs, allow flexible working and gain access to cutting edge technologies that would have been out of reach for many businesses up until just a few years ago.


We are a Microsoft Partner with lots of experience with Office 365 migrations and support.

Data Security

Data Security is a key area to the operation and reputation of your business particulary if you handle sensitive data covered under the Data Protection Act.  Blue Planet build security in at the design stage of new networks or can audit and advise on how existing networks can be secured.  The security of your networks and data includes the devices you use, your internal networks, firewalls, network switches and good user training, we can help in all these areas.  We have done a large number of projects in education and charities where data security has increasly become an area under scrutiny.

Data Analysis

We often talk about IT but sometimes forget that it stands for Information Technology, information can be defined as processed data, our goal with our data analysis services is to work with you to help you understand the data in your organisation and turn that into information, information that you can use to make key decisions in your business.

Free IT Advisory Service

In it's 2nd year now we have helped many local charities and businesses by giving access to IT expertise to help plan and understand how they might benefit from their use of technology, for charities we have even supplied free engineering time to help them get on their way.  Additionally as part of this service we run seminars that promote the use of Cloud technologies to organisations of all types.