Blue Planet IT Provides Remote Working Platform For Super7 Wholesale

As Super7 Wholesale was busy dealing with a change in parent company structure and the challenges of the pandemic, Blue Planet IT were engaged to provide a suitable remote working platform.

Super 7 Wholesale

Super7 Wholesale manages supply chains for consumer goods and personal protective equipment for national and local authorities, industry, business, wholesale, and retail.

Blue Planet IT’s Remote Working Solution.

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Blue Planet IT were engaged to provide a suitable platform for success whilst staff continued to work remotely. Windows Virtual Desktop proved the ideal choice, with Azure Files and FSLogix technologies providing a familiar end-user experience for staff to continue daily operation without requiring training. Intune and BitTitan MigrationWiz were deployed to deliver device management and mailbox migration respectively, resulting in a smooth transition very much appreciated by the Super7 team.

Positive Feedback

Steven Male, director at Super7 Wholesale, followed up with these comments:

"Many thanks for your help with the migration. Feedback from the team was positive – it’s good to be working with you."

Remote and Hybrid Working

Research from Cardiff and Southampton Universities shows that 90 per cent of UK people who worked remotely during the pandemic would like to continue to stay away from the office. Also, research by the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) and the jobs website ‘Indeed’ shows that job ads that explicitly offer flexible working would increase applications by up to 30 per cent.

For many service-based businesses, switching to remote working during the pandemic led to several discoveries (such as the idea that they can continue to offer a good service), many employees like remote/flexible working (due to its compatibility with the real work/life balances and challenges), and some businesses have discovered that it allows them to reduce costly office space. For example, HSBC is cutting its office space by 40 per cent and Lloyds is cutting its office space by one fifth.

In many sectors (e.g., the hard-hit hospitality sector) flexible and remote working is not an option and for some businesses (e.g., Goldman Sachs) there are clearly concerns about how physical separation could affect the development and training of staff. Looking ahead to the near future and with predictions that COVID-19 is essentially here to stay, many businesses now look set to go for a hybrid solution to working where possible.

Value-Adding, Workable Remote Working Solution

Remote and hybrid working, however, are only possible if the right IT solution for a particular business is in place, and if staff are able to use it. The solution supplied to Super7 Wholesale is an example of how a mix of compatible technologies could be combined in a harmonious that way that added value for the business in terms of preserving continuity and productivity, while saving on resources because the solution had no additional training requirements.

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