Free IT Cloud and Advisory Service

For Charities

For Education

For Businesses

Blue Planet IT donates a portion of it’s time and skills in the local community, this programme started in 2014 initially for charities and has recently been extended to schools and busineses.  We are a commercial organisation but we offer impartial advice, no sales pitch with a focus on good advice and educating local schools, charities and businesses on the effective use of technology within their organisation.

  • A donation of up to half a day with an experienced IT Consultant in the field of your choice

  • An onsite workshop based discussion to understand your organisation and any technology challenges

  • A bespoke presentation of what technologies across all vendors that could benefit your organisation

  • A written document outlining the findings with recommendations

  • No Sales Pitch just good, impartial advice

What does it include?
How does it work?

We take a very consultative, plain english approach which presumes no technical knowledge although we are very happy to talk in more techincal terms if required.  The focus is set by the organisation but typically at this time many organisations are keen to realise the benefits and cost efficiencies of the cloud.